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Avia Self Storage

Furniture Storage

13 Locations.

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  • Personal storage consultant

    Who accompanies you throughout the entire process, from the first contact to entering your storage room

  • 24/7 access

    Most of our locations are accessible at any hour and any day of the week, using our app or a smart card. And yes, we have adjacent parking

  • Nationwide locations

    We have locations throughout the country. Prefer a location close to home? You got it. Want to pay less and have your storage room a bit further away? No problem

  • Advanced security

    Our locations have CCTV surveillance, access control and security systems, which are all hooked up to an external security center operating around the clock

  • Multi-channel contact options

    Our customer service can be contacted by WhatsApp, Messenger, email or phone. Carrier pigeons are less recommended

  • Varied storage services

    Whether you need to store your apartment, make Aliyah, move to a smaller apartment or want to declutter, we have the solution. Try us


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What is self storage?

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<p>Everything is possible,<br />
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