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About Avia

Personal service combined with locations built and maintained at a high level – this is how Avia Storage has become the leading self storage company in Israel

  • 1996

    Choni Eylon identifies the need for self storage services in Israel after reading a newspaper article about the popularity of the American self storage industry. Choni sets up the young company and names it, of course, after his young daughter. Eylon believes that Israelis deserve to enjoy high-level storage services too, foresees demand for the new service and establishes the first branch in Moshav Mesilat Zion, on the way to Jerusalem.

    From the very beginning, Avia Storage identifies the personal connection people create with their belongings. Therefore, they make sure to honor them twice: both through personal service to customers and excellent hosting conditions for their belongings. The result soon follows: - in its first years, Avia Storage earns the trust of thousands of customers and, due to the high demand, moves its location in 2000 to the nearby Kibbutz Harel, where the infrastructure allows for the expansion of the storage area.

  • 2009

    Ten years later, Avia Storage continues to lead the self storage industry in Israel, with novelties such as combined storage and moving packages. In 2012, the company makes a leap forward and offers urban storage locations under the name Avia City, for customers who do not want to travel far in order to meet their beloved belongings. The locations are built so that next to large storage rooms, intended for apartment and furniture storage, there are also small storage rooms, starting from 1 cubic meter, intended as a replacement for a domestic storage space or storage of small contents.

    Do you think that's it? It's not. As a company connected to the needs of its customers, Avia Storage offers them 24/7 access, without the need to set an appointment, using a smart card and a secret PIN. This method, of locations accessible around the clock, makes it possible to further improve customer service, and Avia's new locations are built using this method in Haifa (Check Post), Holon, Rishon Lezion and Petach Tikva (Kiryat Matlon).

  • 2015

    At the same time as the locations network expands, Avia Storage launches Home Box, which later changes its name to Avia Boxes - a service of storage in durable plastic boxes, delivered directly to the customer's house, at an affordable price. A service especially suitable for seasonal items and belongings that take up space at home and are only needed once in a while.

    The new service attracts more customers to the growing community of Avia customers and at the same time additional urban locations are being established in Haifa (the Bay) and Petach Tikva (Kiryat Arieh) as well as suburban branches in Tzur Yigal, Yad Binyamin and Sdey Hamed, intended mainly for storage of large contents such as apartment contents and furniture.

    In order to manage the ever-growing activity and to provide the best customer service possible, in 2015 the company integrated an ERP system by Priority.

  • 2022

    The self storage industry is riding the wave of innovation and presents capabilities and possibilities that were considered science fiction in 1996. In 2020, an integrated omnichannel system for customer service is implemented, and enabled communication in a variety of channels, including WhatsApp and Messenger.

    In 2021, Avia Storage finally lands in the heart of Tel Aviv and establishes an urban location on the vibrant Karlibach St., near the TLV Fashion mall. In 2022, suburban locations are established in Kochav Yair and Haifa (Milu'oat Industrial Center). Also this year, a new CRM system for customer service by SalesForce is being implemented and a new mobile app is being launched, in order to manage and control customers entry and security.

    2022 is also the year in which Avia Storage refreshes its face and presents a new logo and updated branding under the concept "We host belongings".

    And what's next? Thanks to the tens of thousands of satisfied customers, dozens of employees and locations nationwide, Avia Storage continues to maintain the unique characteristics that have allowed it to grow and become the largest and leading self storage company in Israel – personal customer service and excellent accommodation conditions for their belongings, in storage rooms built and maintained to a high standard.

    The largest and leading warehouse in Israel - personal service combined with warehouses built and maintained at a high level.

Our motto

Quality, reliability and fairness in service


And and continuously improve in order to give our customers
the best and most advanced services possible in the field of storage

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    Our locations have CCTV surveillance, access control and security systems, which are all hooked up to an external security center operating around the clock

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