Looking for self storage or warehouse rental? You’ve come to the right place!

There are many self storage companies, but only Avia Storage gives you a warehouse rental solution that is just right for you. As Israel’s largest self storage company, Avia Storage offers diverse self storage solutions, with the possibility of renting warehouses and storage rooms of various sizes, starting from 1 cubic meter. And if self storage is required for large contents, it is possible to combine several storage rooms to create a larger storage volume.

Avia Storage operates 13 locations nationwide, in each of which you will find storage rooms in a wide variety of sizes. So if you’re looking for a warehouse rental, you can find a storage room that suits you – a self storage unit either at a location close to your home or at a more distant location, at a lower cost.

The reasons for renting a storage room are varied. Sometimes, renting a warehouse is required at various stages of moving between apartments, when moving to temporary housing while renting a self storage space to store everything that cannot be moved to it. Sometimes renting a storage room is suitable in cases of home renovation or relocation. Sometimes, when moving to a smaller apartment, or when the house is cluttered, renting a storage room is a great solution that may lighten the clutter and allow the storage of objects that are dear to your heart but simply do not have a place at home.

Businesses can also benefit from a warehouse rental service. Whether it is inventory, seasonal equipment (parasols in the winter, heaters in the summer), paperwork, work tools or additional equipment that has no place in the business, renting a self storage unit a short drive away can save costs for the business. So, if you are a small business owner, or even self employed, it is worth considering renting a storage unit.

Before you decide to rent a storage unit, note that you should choose a self storage company that offers a high level of service, pays attention to regular maintenance and cleaning, and of course offers locations equipped with comprehensive security and control systems. In addition to all of these, Avia Storage offers comprehensive content insurance, for any trouble that may arise, so renting a storage room with us gives you peace of mind. Not sure? Before you decide, you are invited to come and visit one of our locations (by prior arrangement) and see how storage is done with us and why we lead the self storage market in Israel.

Want to rent a storage room that you can enter late in the evening or on the weekend? Most of our locations are accessible 24/7 – when you decide to rent a storage unit with us, you will receive a smart card and a PIN, with which you can access your storage room around the clock at every day of the week. And not less important – when deciding to rent a storage room, it is also important to take service into account. As a leading and advanced self storage company, Avia Storage operates a customer service center available to you via WhatsApp, Messenger, email and phone.

So we’ll end where we started – if you’re looking for a storage space, you’ve come to the right place. With 13 locations nationwide, multi-channel customer service, 24/7 access in most locations, security systems, high-level cleaning and maintenance, and comprehensive content insurance, if you choose our warehouse rental service, you will enjoy a high level storage service and peace of mind . Ask our customers, they will be happy to testify that when it comes to self storage, Avia Storage offers the most comprehensive, high-quality and affordable package in Israel.